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JCSD Annual Fall Festival

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Fall is finally here and it’s time to celebrate it with JCSD’s annual festival! On October 5, 2019, JCSD hosted an annual fall festival at Harada Heritage Park. Many ECAA and CAVA volunteers came to set the place up. Volunteers came around 10 am and set up the tents and the hay bales for the hay maze and pumpkin patch. Volunteers were then distributed to different areas and booths. CAVA officers were in charge of a whole section each, while the volunteers were in the sections helping out. The event officially started at 2 Pm and everyone was absorbed in their assigned jobs. The people who came to the event were all having a great time with their families at the pumpkin patches. Others were finding their way out of the hay maze. Many were buying food and enjoying the music. Kids were enjoying themselves as well with the bounce houses, petting zoo, the VR truck, games booths, etc. volunteers started wrapping up after 12 hours of volunteering by moving the heavy hay bales into a big stack, stacking chairs, and folding umbrellas and tables. Volunteers left the park around 11 pm, knowing that they have brought joy to the people in their city.

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