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July 28th Lansum Music Festival Volunteering

Around 18.01 million people in the world play a musical instrument. Musical instruments have been around since the dawn of human time. So in order to continue the history of musical instruments, Lansum created an annual international music festival that is one of the largest Chinese nonprofit classical music festivals.

On July 28, 2019, CAVA (Chinese-American volunteer Association) was invited to the 8th Lansum international music festival, which was held at Pomona College. There were many talented performers including an American that sung a Chinese song, 4 handed piano playing, violin conducting while performing, and more. We had a pleasure volunteering side-by-side with E club, they introduced CAVA to Lansum.

8 CAVA volunteers were paired up. Two pairs on each sides of the theater to ensure that the audience go in and out through the door when the music stop so that performers wouldn’t be distracted. and another pair kept their eyes on the audience to ensure that rules are being followed. A pair stood outside to guide people to the theater. Volunteers enforced rules of the auditorium by constantly reminding people not to eat and drink, not to capture pictures and videos, and keeping the children in their seats. After helping clean up, the 8 CAVA volunteers, went into a car, and sped away, singing, talking, sleeping, and getting to know each other better.

-Published by: Jennie Liang

-Edited by: Peter Cheng and Kathy Jiao

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