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Newport Beach Cleanup

Chinese American Volunteers gathered at Newport Beach to save the enviorment by picking up trash for 3 hours.

Around 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped into the world’s oceans every year. The trash harms Earth in many ways, so in an effort to help our planet, Chinese American Volunteering Association (CAVA) hosted a beach cleanup on July 27, 2019.

16 Volunteers carpooled with each other to Newport Beach to meetup at 9 a.m. When everyone arrived, kids were separated into groups of three to spread out and make the cleanup faster. By the time everybody finished, we collected 10 pounds of trash.

The cleanup was finished at 12, so all volunteers had free time in the afternoon to hangout. Some chose to have fun in the water together while others chose to stay in the shade with a good book and delicious food. Regardless of how or who they chose to spend their time with, everybody created a strong bond with each other over the love and passion we have for helping our home planet.


16 个 华美义工们27日上午9点在Newport Beach集合,义工们被分为三个小组,大家兵分三路的清理垃圾大大增强了工作效率。12点活动结束后,我们收集了大约10磅垃圾!


Published by: Wendy Wang-RHIS Representative

Edited by: Peter Cheng-President

Interpreted by: Raymond Wang and William Wu

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