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ECAA Emergency Preparedness

Each year, the Southern California area has about 10,000 earthquakes. And according to the national center for missing and exploited children, nearly 800,000 children are reported missing a year. That means that around 2,000 are missing a day. As an effort to help Southern California residents be aware of earthquakes, kidnapping and the proper protocol for it, ECAA hosted a meeting on Aug. 1st that was open to all. Volunteers helped set up chairs before the event while others stood outside to welcome people to the meeting.ECAA invited the Riverside county emergency management department specialist, Michelle Kelly and Eastvale city emergency management specialist, Eva Terekhova. Their motto is” Get informed, have a plan, take action.” Michelle Kelly demonstrated for us what was the right way to protect yourself when an earthquake is occurring. They explained what an earthquake was and encouraged the audience to take a picture of the diagram shown. Peter, CAVA president, translated what they said to chinese for the audience. They also explained that the protection of your home is safer than running outside. Volunteers passed out flyers that were about earthquakes. An ECAA board member who is also a jujitsu champion and was 2nd in the Olympics, Phillips, showed the audience some self defense moves. We were very glad that many Chinese came to attend this meeting. Our mission is to create a safe home/environment for the Chinese American. In the end, everyone tried to do the self defense moves which made the CAVA volunteers closer .

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